SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software

Benodigde Hardware

Het SmartFlow Onboarding Team neemt de tijd om de behoeften en toepassingen van het systeem in jouw praktijk te begrijpen. Vervolgens passen we onze technische en praktische expertise toe om je te begeleiden naar de juiste iPad-apparaten, displays, computers en accessoires.

De hardware die we aanbevelen wordt getest om de compatibiliteit van de SmartFlow-software en optimale prestaties te garanderen. Deze specificaties en aanbevelingen kunnen, afhankelijk van de systeemconfiguratie, verschillen. Wij geven je hierin graag advies.


What you need to know

One per simultaneous use. Consider:

  • client use for paperless consent forms,
  • anaesthetic monitoring use,
  • number of nurses performing patient care etc.

All forms (including anaesthetic) can only be used on an iPad, but all other SmartFlow functions can be done on a PC.


The SmartFlow app is only available for Apple iOS devices.


What you should choose

Latest model of standard iPad is better than iPad Pro as these have limited functionality due to no “home” button (restrictions in the user’s ability to access the workflow for an individual patient, so they may have reduced functionality for your practice).

  • Standard iPads are more than adequate and should be chosen if you want portability.
  • Large iPads give more screen size, are great for anaesthetic monitoring but are heavier to hold and more expensive.

iPad accessories

What you need to know
  • It is recommended to purchase an extended warranty for each iPad.

  • Protective cases are essential to protect your iPads from accidental damage.

  • Styluses are useful when using forms that require client signatures, or for staff who prefer to use a stylus rather than fingers.

  • Each iPad will come with their own charge cable and it is recommended to have allocated charging stations. Larger charging stations are available if required.

What you should choose

AppleCare+ can be purchased through Apple – please see latest Terms and Conditions regarding coverage.



  • Griffin Survivor All-Terrain cases (10.5” iPad Air).
  • Incipio Capture Ultra Rugged case with strap (9.7” iPad).



  • Any stylus can be used, this does not need to be an Apple Pencil.


Charging stations

  • Secure cabinets are available e.g. Kensington Charge and Sync Cabinet for 10 iPads.
  • Worktop charging stations are available alsp e.g. Alxum USB 10 port mobile charging station.



What you need to know
  • One screen per area where patients need to be organised.
  • Consider surgery and hospitalisation wards where you currently have whiteboards, plus anywhere that workflows will be used.
  • Timeline and workflow boards should be separate.
  • Timeline whiteboards allow staff to see what treatments are due each hour and do not need to be touchscreen.
  • Workflow whiteboards should be touchscreen as this allows staff to quickly check off tasks as they are completed. Therefore, this screen should also be mounted within easy reach for staff.

Keep in mind, if you are tight on space, instead of mounting a touchscreen TV, you canopt for a large iPad to display your Workflow Whiteboard that staff can use to check off tasks.


  • Commercial displays are recommended as standard TVs tend to burn out.
  • Each TV regardless of size will hold up to 36 patients, SmartFlow will resize to fit as patients are added.
  • If you anticipate having a high volume of patients, we recommend buying the largest screen that will fit into the space, so that the patient information is easy to see.
  • You will need appropriate wall mounts to hang your screens.
  • If you purchase a Smart TV you will still need to attach a computer to it and run Windows 10 with Chrome or Firefox. The built-in browser on the Smart TV’s will not suffice


What you should choose

Timeline Mode screens

  • LG LED Display Screens-they come in sizes of 32” to 65”
  • LG IPS Monitor in 22” or (LED) 27”


Workflow Mode Touchscreens

  • Elo Touch 5502L Infrared–55” Touch Display
  • Elo Touch 4202L Infrared–42” Touch Display
  • Elo Touch 4202L Projected Capacitive–42” Touch Display
  • Elo Touch 3243L Intellitouch LED–32” Touch Display
  • Elo Touch 2202L LCD Monitor–Touchscreen

Computer input

What you need to know

All displays will need to have computer input

  • If you have a PC adjacent to the screen, you can cast a second screen off any adjacent PC to display the whiteboard from a browser. NB: Sometimes staff that are not overly computer savvy may inadvertently close the browser window, and then may be unsure how to get the whiteboard back on the screen. Consider leaving a quick “how-to” nearby.
  • If you DO NOT have a PC adjacent to the screen, you can run the screens off their own minicomputers–see criteria below


What you should choose

The criteria required for mini-computers for Touchscreens:

  • Intel Core i5
  • 8GB memory
  • 256GB SSD
  • 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth
  • Windows 10 Home 64bit
  • Gig networking
  • AC wireless

Recommended: Intel NUC


The criteria required for mini-computers for Static displays:

  • Intel Core m3
  • 4GB memory
  • 64GB
  • Intel Graphics
  • 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth
  • Windows 10
  • SSD or eMMC
  • Gig networking
  • AC wireless

Recommended: Intel Compute Stick


Computer accessories

What you need to know

If you use mini-computers:

  • You will need appropriate cabling to connect them to your screens.
  • A wireless keyboard and mouse will be required.

Surge protectors are recommended.


What should you choose
  • High speed HDMI cable
  • Recommended: Logitech Wireless combo keyboard optical mouse MK540
  • Recommended: Belkin or APC 4 outlet surge protector

Browser and network requirements

What you need to know
  • SmartFlow works in Google Chrome or in Mozilla Firefox
  • You may need to add a Google Chrome extension to ensure optimal whiteboard functionality. This is to ensure that users do not experience a lag in whiteboards updating.
  • You will need to check your Network connections to ensure there are fast enough upload/download speeds all over your hospital. There are instructions on how to do this in your Teamwork on-boarding plan.


What you should choose
  • Browser–Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Easy auto-refresh Google Chrome Extension
  • Network connection must be 5Mbps up/down at each workstation regardless of whether connection is wired or wireless

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