Get to the Heart of the Matter with Cardiopet® proBNP Test

An easy-to-use blood test to help assess heart disease in dogs and cats.


Early heart disease detection
Cardiopet® proBNP delivers quantitative results with interpretative criteria that can help you determine the severity of the cardiac disease – ultimately improving patient care through earlier detection.

Accuracy you can rely on
Count on the Cardiopet® proBNP test to deliver accurate results with canine- and feline-specific Nt-proBNP to increase your confidence in diagnosing heart disease and heart failure.

Easy to use
Easily requested as part of a biochemistry/FBC profile, Cardiopet® proBNP is minimally invasive, requiring only a simple blood sample.

NEW: Sample requirements

The special Cardiopet® tubes are no longer required - you can now submit samples using your routine sample tubes. A further benefit is the significant reduction in sample volume required when requesting as either a Stand Alone test or in a Profile. This is particularly advantageous for the routine testing of your feline patients, when blood collection can be difficult.

Please note: Change in sample requirements for feline patients (serum instead of EDTA plasma)


Affordable and convenient
This simple blood test can support your decision to recommend potentially expensive follow-up diagnostics like echocardiography

  • For Dogs: Test all dogs presenting with murmurs.
  • For Cats: Screen for occult hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats, with or without clinical signs. Request the Cardiopet® proBNP test when you request blood work as part of your cardiac workup.


This revolutionary diagnostic marker provides information that was previously available to veterinarians only through a series of complicated and expensive diagnostics. Cardiopet® proBNP significantly enhances our ability to quickly and accurately assess the cardiovascular status of our patients.
Steve Ettinger, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM

How Cardiopet® proBNP works

As the chambers of the heart are stretched, they release BNP. First discovered in 1988 and routinely used as a cardiac marker in humans, BNP is a peptide stored as a “pro-hormone.” As heart disease progresses, the chambers become more stretched and BNP is released in greater quantities. Cardiopet® proBNP measures Nt-proBNP, allowing you to quantitatively track the progression of the disease and make judgments about the condition of the heart.


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