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We offer you diagnostic options, so you can make a fast, accurate diagnosis every time. Choose from panels for early detection, including chemistries and CBCs, comprehensive wellness panels, histopathology, microbiology, PCR, Allergy testing and many more.

Our commitment to research and development has brought exclusive next-generation diagnostics to veterinary medicine. Additionally, we employ extensive quality control programmers for all tests, as well as provide a free reticulocyte count for anaemic patients with comprehensive CBCs and more.

Next generation diagnostics

Cardiopet® proBNP

With the Cardiopet® proBNP Test, a simple blood draw is all you need for quantitative analysis of your feline and canine patients’ cardiac health. 

Borrelia Quant C6®

This breakthrough laboratory test helps you diagnose, quantify, manage and monitor Borrelia-infected dogs.

Spec fPL®

The Spec fPL® test detects the level of pancreatic lipase in your patient’s blood and provides information about the cat’s pancreatic health. You’ll be able to make diagnostic and treatment recommendations with greater confidence. 

Spec cPL®

The Spec cPL® test helps you quickly confirm or rule out canine pancreatitis for a better understanding of patient health. 


Since 2005, IDEXX Reference Laboratory has been an approved laboratory for the testing of rabies antibody titer in serum from dogs, cats and ferrets by using the Fluorescens-antibody-virusneutralizations test (FAVN).