IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS

Revolutionize the way you view and share your patients’ results

With VetConnect® PLUS for the IDEXX VetLab® Station
your in-house results are available anytime and anywhere.
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Trend ResultsAccess AnywhereShare Results
Trend resultsAccess anywhereShare results
View all of each patient’s diagnostic data combined on one screenView results anywhere and anytime – from any computer or tablet with internet connection.Share results with your clients and your veterinary partners

Go Mobile

Receive notifications and review new results on your iPhone® and Android™ smartphone

  • Real-time notification to your iPhone® and Android™ smartphone: no delays in getting the results
  • Always view the latest results - wherever you are
  • Quickly find the abnormal areas of the results with a single motion



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View all of each patient’s diagnostic data combined on one screen

Save time and reduce frustration: there’s no need to collect data from multiple places.

Easily compare historical patient data to current results

Quickly spot trends and use interactive graphs to learn more from each result.

Access results anywhere, anytime—safely and securely

Receive instant alerts with new VetConnect® PLUS mobile app for the iPhone® and Android™, for up-to-the-minute results, anytime, any place.

Access anywhere, anytime from your home, practice and laptop computer or tablet.

Enjoy unlimited, safe and secure data storage in the cloud; receive software updates instantly.

Easily share patients' results with clients or veterinary partners

Review results and recommendations on screen during client visits for better communication and a better client experience.

User-friendly information design facilitates face-to-face conversations with clients about their pet's health, which helps you gain trust and compliance.

Share results with your clients and your veterinary partners