IDEXX SmartService Solutions

The new standard of customer service and support


IDEXX SmartService™ Solutions is the highest level of customer service and support in the veterinary industry.


Our expert customer support staff can remotely access select IDEXX VetLab® instruments so you can spend less time on the phone and more time with your patients.

SmartService Solutions

If you would like to hear more about this service, please call 00800 1234 3399

IDEXX SmartService™ Solutions: proactive service and support


Automated instrument software updates

  • Ensure you’re taking advantage of the most advanced features and capabilities.
  • Get updates now on select IDEXX VetLab® instruments.*


Timesaving assistance with instrument events and maintenance

  • Minimize phone time with customer support.
  • Increase instrument uptime with faster issue resolution.


More practice benefits coming soon

  • Monitor equipment performance, diagnostic utilization and protocol-tracking.
  • Help determine best practices and standards of care with access to regional and demographic diagnostic information.



Software upgrades currently apply to the Catalyst Dx® Chemistry Analyzer, ProCyte Dx® Hematology Analyzer, LaserCyte® Dx Hematology Analyzer, LaserCyte® Hematology Analyzer, SNAPshot Dx® Analyzer and IDEXX VetLab® Station.

How IDEXX SmartService™ Solutions works


Internet-based customer service and support

  • As long as your IDEXX VetLab® Station is turned on and connected to the Internet, we’re here to help.
  • Your IDEXX SmartService connection is protected with the same industry-standard security features used by medical, financial and governmental organizations.


What you need

An IDEXX VetLab Station Laboratory Information Management System with:

  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • An IDEXX SmartService activation kit and IDEXX-supplied router


Your in-house laboratory requires Internet access before we can install and activate IDEXX SmartService. We can make the setup easier for you.

Connectivity Group is a global network of trained, experienced technicians who perform network-cabling design and installation. They’ll configure your existing Internet connection, wherever it may be, to work with IDEXX SmartService.


During Connectivity Group’s visit, they will:

  1. Provide Internet access to your IDEXX VetLab Station by professionally installing a conveniently located Internet access point and appropriate cables.
  2. Configure your IDEXX networking equipment.
  3. Activate IDEXX SmartService.

Questions and answers about IDEXX SmartService Solutions

What is IDEXX SmartService Solutions?

IDEXX SmartService Solutions is an electronic customer support and service tool from IDEXX. It allows our specially trained staff to troubleshoot and resolve many instrument issues to save you time, increase your instrument uptime and improve practice efficiency. It's like having IDEXX Technical Support right in your clinic.

Future enhancements will include additional features for further practice efficiencies as well as educational opportunities that will go beyond traditional customer service.


What do I need in order to get IDEXX SmartService?

To get IDEXX SmartService, you need an IDEXX VetLab® Station, high-speed Internet access, an IDEXX SmartService activation kit and an IDEXX-supplied router.


What if I need help with my Internet access?

Connectivity Group is a global network of cabling design and installation technicians.

If you would like this service, call us today at 00800 1234 3399 to get started. We’ll coordinate your installation with Connectivity Group and ensure you start getting the benefits of IDEXX SmartService as soon as possible.


How do I access IDEXX SmartService?

Simply call IDEXX Technical Support, 00800 1234 3399, indicate that you have IDEXX SmartService and describe the problem. Then let our trained technicians troubleshoot the problem for you.


Who accesses my instruments through IDEXX SmartService?

Only specially trained support technicians can access IDEXX SmartService. Each employee must log in with a unique user name and password that allows IDEXX to monitor and audit user activity and protect your information.


What kind of information does IDEXX Technical Support retrieve?

IDEXX SmartService allows IDEXX to:

  • Download files that help us troubleshoot instrument issues
  • Continue to build reliable products
  • Provide us with tools to give you the best experience possible


Is any personal information retrieved through IDEXX SmartService?

We collect diagnostic, instrument and client data to remotely monitor and upgrade your systems and provide other services to you. As a policy, we typically do not share any personally identifiable data with third parties (except as necessary to provide IDEXX SmartService services or administer our relationship). And, we never make your data available to a list broker or similar party for purposes of contacting you or your clients unless we obtain your specific written permission.


Is IDEXX SmartService safe?

Yes. The lock symbol represents the great care we take to ensure that all our devices are of the highest quality and offer complete security. We protect IDEXX SmartService with the same industry-standard security features utilized by medical, financial and governmental organizations.


How do I get more information about IDEXX SmartService?

Call an IDEXX representative at 00800 1234 3399.