IDEXX VetLab® UA Analyzer

Easy, efficient and consistent


The IDEXX VetLab® UA™ Analyzer is simple to operate, improves work flow and produces consistent automatically printed results.


The IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer connects to the IDEXX VetLab® Station, a laboratory information management system that collects all results into an electronic medical record and prints them on an integrated report for easy interpretation.


IDEXX UA™ Strips are designed and validated for veterinary use only, so you don’t need to wonder if your canine, feline or equine results are valid. Strips can be used manually or with the IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer.

IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer

Easy and efficient—Results you can count on in about 80 seconds


Standardized operation and automation—The IDEXX VetLab® UA™ Analyzer provides consistent results through automation; human error is all but eliminated.

One-button operation—Use a pipette to flood the strip with the urine sample, place it in the analyzer, press a button and walk away.

Efficiency—Automatically reads and prints results, saving you time and reducing the chance for mistakes.

Printout—Results are included in the IDEXX VetLab® integrated report or can be printed on the analyzer alone, offering you a tool you can use with your clients as you explain the results and recommendations.

Speed—The IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer provides results in approximately 80 seconds.

Reflectance photometer reads IDEXX UA Strips


IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer TechnologyThe IDEXX UA test strip is placed on a sliding tray that moves the strip into the analyzer and under the reading head. The analyzer reads the reference pad first, and then reads each of the test pads on the strip.

Note: Only IDEXX UA Strips can be used with the IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer.


Measuring Principle

The analyzer contains light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit light at various wavelengths.

Reading is done electro-optically:

  • The LED emits light of a defined wavelength onto the surface of the test pad at an optimum angle.
  • The light hitting the test zone is reflected more or less intensely depending on the color produced on the test pad, and is picked up by the detector, a phototransistor positioned directly above the test zone.
  • The phototransistor sends an analog electrical signal to an A/D converter, which changes it to digital form.
  • The microprocessor then converts this digital reading to a relative reflectance value by referring it to a calibration standard.
  • Finally, the analyzer compares the reflectance value with the defined range limits (reflectance values that are programmed into the analyzer for each parameter) and outputs a semiquantitative result.


Each test pad on the IDEXX UA Strip is read photometrically, producing results in approximately 80 seconds.


IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer Specifications

DimensionsWidth: approximately 6 in (150 mm)
Depth: approximately 11.5 in (290 mm)
Height: approximately 3.7 in (94 mm)
Weight: approximately 1.7 lb (0.8 kg)
Power SupplyExternal power adapter, Model SA 125A-0735U-S (Sino-American)
Input: 100—240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 800 mA
Output: 7.5 V DC, 3000 mA
ConsumptionOperating: maximum 15 W
Standby: 1.3 W
System DescriptionType: reflectance photometer
Light source: 6 LEDs
Wavelengths: 565 nm (green) 3x
610 nm (orange) 3x
Reader head: 1 head with 6 LEDs
Measuring cycle: approximately 80 seconds
Maximum throughput: approximately 45 strips/hour
Printer: thermal printer
Display: liquid crystal display, two lines of 24 characters each
Memory: 100 samples
Date/time: integrated clock
Operating ConditionsTemperature: 59º–90ºF (15º–32ºC)
Storage: -4º–158ºF (-20º–70ºC)
Optimum Operating ConditionsTemperature: 68º–78ºF (20º–26ºC)
Relative humidity: 30%–60%

Test Parameters


The IDEXX VetLab® UA™ Analyzer results print with all your IDEXX VetLab® in-house analyzer results on one comprehensive report, so you can see a total picture of your patient's health.


The UA analyzer prints the results in the following gradation of concentration:


IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer Parameter Chart


Manually enter the following information on the patient report printout (figure 1) or on the integrated diagnostic report generated by the IDEXX VetLab Station:

  • Collection method (Coll. Meth.)
  • Volume (Vol.)
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Specific gravity (SG)
  • Sediment analysis (Sed.)



Figure 1

Results in approximately 80 seconds


The IDEXX VetLab® UA™ Analyzer is easy to use!


Apply urine to the strip.
Blot the strip.
Place it in the analyzer.


Press the button, walk away.


That’s it!
Results are ready in approximately 80 seconds and integrated into your complete IDEXX VetLab patient report.

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