IDEXX VetLab® Station

Laboratory Information Management System


The IDEXX VetLab® Station Laboratory Information Management System integrates all your diagnostic results from other IDEXX VetLab analyzers into a single report for a comprehensive view of a patient's health status. Used in face-to-face communication with clients, it helps increase understanding and compliance.

  • User-friendly touch screen simplifies laboratory work flow
  • Patient results integrated in a single report
  • Easy access to a patient’s historical results
  • Parameter trending, interpretive results information and built-in Help system.
  • Access to IDEXX SmartService™ Solutions—the highest level of customer service and support in the veterinary industry.

Provides all results in a single report for a powerful diagnostic and communication tool


Increase your medical capabilities

  • Integrate results from other IDEXX VetLab® analyzers—and SNAP® test results—into a single report.
  • See prior results in context with current results for easy comparison, plus results in organ-specific order so you can easily detect abnormalities.
  • Graph patient results over time to monitor change or detect disease early.
  • Find all historical patient results with easy access to integrated reports and data.


Boost your staff’s productivity

  • Reduce data entry with autofilling of client and patient information.
  • Save time by running the entire IDEXX VetLab® suite of in-house analyzers from one interface.
  • Reduce errors caused by manual data input.


Improve your business management

  • Gain compliance through better record keeping.
  • Ensure every test result is associated with that patient’s electronic record.
  • Link to your practice management system to ensure you have a complete record of every patient, including an accurate client invoice with no missed charges.

Increase medical capabilities with the IDEXX VetLab® Station’s integrated patient report


Improve customer communications and increase compliance with the IDEXX VetLab® Report. See all your diagnostic results in one report for easier identification of trends and abnormalities.


Organ-specific or hematology results grouping—Results are listed by organ groups or hematology groups to help you quickly identify abnormalities or trends.


  • Hematology results are grouped by RBCs, WBCs and platelets.
  • Chemistry results are grouped by kidney and liver, and further into primary and secondary groups for each organ.


Prior results comparison—The patient’s prior results are shown on the IDEXX VetLab report for easy comparison to new test results.


SNAP® test results—Results for SNAP tests are easily recorded and included with the rest of your diagnostic results in the report.


Integrated Patient Report


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Vetlab Pancreatitis Report 1
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Vetlab Pancreatitis Report 2
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Vetlab Pancreatitis Report 3
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Tools you can use with the IDEXX VetLab® Station

Sample Report: Casey

Parameter Trending


Creating graphs of particular test results over a period of time provides valuable information about a patient’s health, efficacy of treatment or disease progression.

Here’s how you can graph your in-house hematology, chemistry, electrolyte and endocrinology results over time on the IDEXX VetLab® Station.


Graphing Test Results:

  1. Tap Records on the IDEXX VetLab Station Home screen, select the desired patient and tap View Records.
  2. On the Records: Select Results screen, select between two and six test results and tap Trend.
  3. On the Records: Select Analytes screen, select up to six parameters to graph and tap Trend.
  4. The Records: Test Results Trending screen displays with the selected parameters graphed from the earliest test to the most recent. Tap Print to print the graphed results.



Analyte Descriptions


Analyte descriptions offer valuable background information about the individual parameters of the test results. Descriptions are available for chemistry, hematology, immunoassay, coagulation and urinalysis parameters.

You can access these descriptions directly from a patient’s Records: Test Results screen or at any time through the IDEXX VetLab Station online help system. Analyte descriptions are easy to print and can help when you explain diagnostic results to your clients.


Online Videos


Access the IDEXX VetLab Station snippets directly through the built-in Help system for “just-in-time” training.

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