SNAP® Cortisol Test

Evaluate adrenal function; begin treatment immediately


Diagnose canine Cushing’s syndrome or Addison’s disease with the SNAP® Cortisol Test. Because it is fully quantitative, you can monitor treatment of hyperadrenocorticism and adjust medication dosages if needed during the patient visit.

Cushing’s syndrome is usually a slowly progressive disease. Clinical signs of hyperadrenocorticism are often present for months prior to the pet owner seeking veterinary attention because they initially attribute clinical signs to normal aging rather than disease.

Addison’s disease, once considered rare, is now suspected to be quite a bit more common.

SNAP Cortisol Test
For use only with the SNAPshot Dx® Analyzer or the SNAP® Reader

Benefit from accurate in-house cortisol testing

Use the SNAP® Cortisol Test to:

  • Screen for Cushing’s syndrome and Addison’s disease—With accurate, reliable results in-house, you can begin treatment or follow-up testing in the same visit.
  • Monitor medication—Use the SNAP Cortisol Test to monitor treatment and adjust medications before the patient leaves your clinic.
  • Improve pet-owner satisfaction—With results in minutes, you can provide answers for your clients during their visit or when they pick up their pets.

The SNAP Cortisol Test uses proven SNAP® ELISA technology to ensure the accuracy you need for confident diagnoses.

Accurately assess adrenal function

Get the convenience of timely results and the ability to initiate or modify therapy immediately by measuring cortisol concentrations in-house with the SNAP® Cortisol Test.

Each SNAP Cortisol Test lot is tested with canine serum from healthy animals and from animals being tested for adrenal disease using either dexamethasone suppression or ACTH stimulation tests.

This IDEXX internal calibration process ensures that each SNAP Cortisol Test lot maintains a high level of performance and provides accurate results for patient samples.

Get a more accurate read on your SNAP® tests with the SNAPshot Dx® Analyzer:

The SNAPshot Dx Analyzer reads and interprets test results for you, eliminating any doubts or subjectivity for more accurate, consistent answers.

Cortisol correlation of the SNAP® Reader 1

The data presented shows excellent clinical agreement between serum cortisol concentrations measured by the SNAP® Cortisol Test and radioimmunoassay (RIA). An r value of 0.97 indicates excellent overall agreement between cortisol concentrations measured by the SNAP test and cortisol concentrations measured by RIA.

SNAP Cortisol Test Correlation

Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.

Resources and support materials for the SNAP® Cortisol Test

Run a test in six easy steps:
Pipette the serum sample and add the conjugate.
Gently invert the tube 3 or 4 times to mix the serum and conjugate.
Incubate the sample for 5 minutes.
Pour the sample into the SNAP® device.
When color first appears in the activation circle, press firmly to activate. You will hear a distinct “snap.”
Insert the SNAP device into the analyzer.

Refer to the package insert for detailed instructions.

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