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Age Doesn't Mean a Thing – Or Does It?
Client Experience: Share the good news
Innovation: Lungworm diagnostic test launches in UK
Case Study: Chelsea, 14-year-old miniature schnauzer
Diagnostic Update: Cardiopet proBNP sample changes

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Client Experience


Share the good news—Celebrating “normal” results

How do your clients feel about screening tests and regular exams when their pet has no clinical signs of disease and when results indicate that their pet is healthy? It’s crucial to have pet owners understand that money spent on preventive care is a sound investment, even—and maybe especially—when results are exactly what everyone is hoping for.

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First real-time lungworm diagnostic test launches in UK

First real-time lungworm diagnostic test launches in UK

In a world first, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. has unveiled a breakthrough in the detection of the lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum, in dogs. The launch of the diagnostic IDEXX Angio Detect™ Test will, for the first time, allow veterinary surgeons to detect the parasite in-clinic, with almost immediate results.

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Case Study

Chelsea, 14-year-old miniature schnauzer

Chelsea, 14-year-old miniature schnauzer

Chelsea was presented for evaluation of acute lethargy, anorexia, polyuria/polydipsia and abdominal pain.

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Cat: Cardiopet proBNP sample requirement changes  

Diagnostic Update

Cardiopet proBNP sample requirement changes

It’s no longer required to use the special Cardiopet® proBNP collection tubes when performing this test. You can now submit samples using your routine sample tubes.

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